Hello, iOS 7!

I downloaded and installed iOS 7 for my iPhone 5 yesterday and have been playing around with the new features for a bit. Overall, I’m quite pleased with the redesign and I wanted to share the Top 10 Most Interesting Features of the new OS:

1. You can access Spotlight by pulling down slightly on any page; the keyboard will pop up automatically.


2. You can put the Newsstand folder into another folder.


3. Apple Maps has a new night mode.


4. The App Store has an intelligent tab that shows you apps which are Popular Near your Location; today I’m near the Georgia Tech campus.


5. There’s also a new Wish List feature in the App Store which mimics what’s been available on the desktop version of iTunes for a while.


6. Safari hooks into your Twitter account and displays an easy-to-read list of links that were shared by people you Follow. By far, my favorite new feature of iOS 7.


7. While the Photo filters are nice, it’s not an Instagram killer.


7. On the other hand, the Years view in the Photo app is very useful and looks great.


8. You can easily block someone from texting or calling you by clicking Block Contact and upon further testing, the blocked contact gets sent directly to your Voicemail (you aren’t notified) and any texts they send you never appear on your phone, either.


9. iTunes Radio buffers the entire song you’re listening to before playing so you’ll never have anything cut out when you drive through a tunnel. Additionally, the Recently Played list is something that ends up being incredibly useful.


10. The Compass app includes a new level which works in both portrait, landscape, and when you lay the phone horizontally flat (on the table).



One thought on “Hello, iOS 7!

  1. Hey! My comment isn’t really about this post, but I kind of feel like I should leave one. Are you the guy who keeps leaving little pink sticky notes around people’s places of work? I mean I think they’re kind of cool and when I find one, I kind of feel like I’ve won a prize, but you should still probably stop leaving them around. Managers aren’t really thrilled with them. Just thought you should know! And I really like your blog as well :)

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