Hello, Top 5 Apps for Android Wear [July 2014]

Here are my Top 5 Apps currently available for Android Wear:

Wear Aware – [Google Play Link]:

  • First, you can say “Okay Google, Start Phone Finder” to have your phone sing a tune even if it’s on silent. Second, if you walk away from your phone, your Android Wear watch will start vibrating to let you know you’ve left it behind. Done and done!

Level Money – [Google Play Link]:

  • The watch notifies you of the most recent transaction on your Checking account. It’s quite useful to know if your credit card was just stolen (or used in excess by your spouse or child).

Awesome Clock Widget Watchface – [Google Play Link]:

  • This app will install a selectable watchface on your Wear device. It looks great and is an example of things to come. Just long-tap the homescreen to select the watchface as normal.

LevelUp – [Google Play Link]:

  • If you’re unaware, LevelUp is a payment system for loads of restaurants around major cities. The best part is, you typically save 10-20% whenever you pay using LevelUp instead of your credit card. This app puts the QR code on your watch so you don’t even have to take your phone out of your pocket. Genius!

Stay Awake – [Google Play Link]:

  • This app will BUZZ every 1-5 minutes in an effort to keep you awake while driving, coding, watching a movie, etc. Simple execution and works as expected!

Honorable Mentions:


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