Hello, The Maze of Games

My Kickstarter reward for backing The Maze of Games arrived this morning and I have to say… it’s a impressive looking book cover-to-cover with lots of content to boot! Here’s a short preview:

The front cover has a “soft-touch” feel, similar to the black Nexus 5 and has a unique “vertebrae” spine which I have never seen before. [see gallery at the end of this post].

The inside cover has a pocket containing an Upper Wolverhampton Bibliothèque card that has names such as Young Master Dickens and Young Miss Webb” as patrons that have checked-out The Maze of Games before at the library.

The introduction to the story is short and sweet and you dive right into the challenging puzzles quite quickly. One of the first puzzles is called The Castle Maze which determines the order of puzzles you complete in the chapter.

The solution for The Castle Maze order is as follows:

  1. Three of Diamonds
  2. Queen of Diamonds
  3. Eight of Diamonds
  4. Nine of Diamonds
  5. Jack of Diamonds
  6. Four of Diamonds
  7. Seven of Diamonds
  8. Two of Diamonds
  9. Ten of Diamonds
  10. Five of Diamonds
  11. Ace of Diamonds
  12. Six of Diamonds

I’ll update this post with more solutions as I solve them, but I wanted to give a quick first impression of the book itself and the puzzles contained within. Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Hello, The Maze of Games

    1. The hidden phrase is located in the puzzle itself, starting with the last letter of 19-Across… if you want more hints (or just the solution), let me know.

  1. The solution for the “Exit Instructions” puzzle is as follows:

    The Gatekeeper welcomes to all to this labyrinth most hazardous and perplexing. Calibrate your thoughts as you navigate within the mind, but now we begin. To lift the bars, one person must first take a bow.

    To Exit The Cell? Take a bow (weapon).

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