Hello, Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes is Nintendo’s latest game released on iOS and Android. This post will cover tips and tricks on how to best experience the game.


I. Orbs and Real Life Money

The first thing you should know is that if you want the very best team in Fire Emblem Heroes, you’re probably going to need to spend real life money. You summon Heroes using Orbs and Orbs are the only currency in the game. You can earn Orbs in a variety of methods:

  • You earn 1 orb for completing a story map for the first time.
  • You earn 1-3 orbs for completing a special map for the first time.
  • You earn 15 orbs for completing the tutorial.
  • You earn 10 orbs for linking your game with a Nintendo ID account.
  • You can purchase up to 140 orbs at a time for $75 USD.

If you decide to purchase the orbs, then each orb you spend costs roughly $0.54 cents each.


II. Summoning Heroes is Expensive

You can spend Orbs to summon Heroes to join your team. It costs 3-5 Orbs to summon a random hero ($1.62-$2.70). You have roughly a 6% chance to discover a 5-STAR Hero. Most of the time you’ll find 3-STAR and 4-STAR Heroes. Expect to summon about 16 Heroes before you find a 5-STAR Hero. That means every 5-STAR Hero you find will have cost approximately $35 USD if you purchased your Orbs from the Shop.

If you summon multiple Heroes at a time, the cost goes down just slightly. The first Hero you summon costs 5 Orbs. The second, third, and fourth only cost 4 Orbs. The fifth Hero you summon costs 3 Orbs, then it resets. That means you’re spending 20 total Orbs to summon 5 different Heroes. Basically, it gets expensive… fast.


III. Hero Abilities are a Breeze to Learn

Heroes earn Skill Points (SP) as they level up. You can spend this SP on better weapons, armor, and abilities for the Heroes. Expect to unlock the best abilities by the time your Heroes are around level 25.

You can also earn SP by Merging similar Heroes together. There’s never a need to have multiple copies of the same Hero, so when you Merge them together, the stronger Hero earns some bonus SP. This is a quick way to level up your Hero Abilities if you need an extra boost in battle.


IV. The Story and Leveling Up Quickly

The story consists of nine Chapters with 4-5 battle maps in each you need to complete before unlocking the next Chapter. The end of Chapter 9 is a cliffhanger, which means Nintendo has plans to add more Chapters to the game in future updates.

Completing the Story Chapters also unlocks the Training Tower, which awards Crystals which are used to both Level-Up your Heroes and Unlock Potential for a Hero (which means transforming a 4-STAR Hero into a 5-STAR Hero).

Most Story Chapters can easily be completed using the Auto-Battle function if your Heroes are just a few levels higher than the suggested level of the battle map. You can visit the Training Tower if you need to level your Heroes up before a big fight. One thing to note: Your Heroes only gain experience if they successfully attack or kill an enemy character. If your Hero attacks an enemy, but dies in the melee, no experience is awarded.


V. Quests and Missions and Nintendo Coins

Completing the Monthly Quests is a terrific way to amass large amounts of Crystals which are used to level-up your Heroes. After you complete the NORMAL quests, you’ll gain access to the HARD quests. Defeat those and you’ll find the most challenging Monthly Quests available: LUNATIC mode.

Tapping the My Nintendo badge on the top right is an oft-overlooked feature available to all players. You can earn Fire Emblem Coins for completing the main Story Chapters, which you can then spend on a variety of useful items, like Crystals and Stamina Recharge Tokens. The Tutorial doesn’t mention this feature so you probably have rewards just waiting for you to collect!


VI. The Arena is Hard but Rewarding

Fighting in the Arena is one of the BEST way to obtain Hero Feathers (which are used to Unlock the Potential of 3 or 4-STAR Heroes, to upgrade them to 5-STAR Heroes). If you can win 7 battles in a row, you’ll earn a HUGE bonus that’s awarded at the end of the Season.

Each Season lasts a few days so there’s always something different happening in the Arena. Visiting the Arena is also the only way to request friendship with another player. If you’re friends with players you can visit them and earn even more Hero Feathers.

Be careful if you choose to battle an Advanced Arena, as the AI becomes extremely challenging even when you’re playing with Max-Level Heroes.

PS, my Friend ID is 5418286561 if you’re looking to befriend someone fun!


VII. Enjoy the Game

With these tips and tricks hopefully you can enjoy the game and defeat the Story Mode quickly. Once you beat the game on Normal, you can attempt to beat it again on Hard, and then finally Lunatic mode. There’s lots of replay value in Fire Emblem Heroes so keep the app installed as Nintendo is sure to update it with more content in the coming months.


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