This WordPress domain was originally registered in 2007 by a guy named Joe. It lay dormant for years and began to rust. In 2010 the blog was rediscovered and a contest was announced to give away the domain to a worthy gatekeeper. Three years later a winner was announced… me!

Hello, I’m Noah.

I started my own personal blog back in April of 2005 and posted an average of 46 stories a year until March of 2013 when this domain was given to me free of charge. I am excited to take the reins from Joe and share interesting or funny stories as they happen to me throughout the years.

Any comments, of course, are greatly appreciated.

Noah, Mar. 2013


2 thoughts on “History

  1. Hiya ‘Noah’!
    How are you?
    You can find my blog at blametheblogger.wordpress.com!
    If you enjoy it then reply to this comment and I will tell you the password!

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